Bethea's Karate Studio

119 West Sycamore Street
Kokomo, IN 46901


Special Events

January 1st—New Year’s Workout Mr. Michael’s Dojo

January 3rd—Kid’s Chanbara

January 5th—Sensei To Texas

January 9th—Sensei Returns From Texas

January 11th—Brown/Black Belt Classes 10:00-11:30 & 7:00-8:30

January 17th—Kid’s Chanbara

January 21st—1st Tournament Marion, In

January 25th—Brown/Black Belt Classes 10:00-11:30 & 7:00-8:30

January 27th—Sensei To Michigan

January 29th—Sensei Returns From Michigan

December 3rd—Black Belt Testing 6:00p.m.

December 6th—Kids Chanbara

December 7th—Pearl Harbor Day

December 10th—Black Belt Extravaganza—Indianapolis

December 14th—Brown/Black Belt Class Day

December 17th—Sensei To Detroit, Mi—Shopping

December 20th—Sensei’s Birthday/Chanbara

December 23rd—Dojo Closed

December 24th—Christmas Eve

December 25th—Christmas Day

December 26th & 27th—Dojo Closed

December 28th—Brown/Black Belt Class Day

December 31st—New Year’s Eve

November 1st—Kids Chanbara

November 5th—Graduation 12:30—2:30

November 6th—Time Change 2:00am EST

November 7th—Sensei to Arizona and California—1 Week

November 11th—No Class Scheduled

November 12th—Kobudo Only 10—11:30

November 14th—Sensei Returns from Arizona and California

November 15th—Kids Chanbara

November 16th—Brown/Black Belt Class 10—11:30 & 7—8:30

November 20th—Holiday Tournament Note: Sunday Tournament

November 23rd—Deliver Thanksgiving Basket

November 24th—Happy Thanksgiving Dojo Closed

November 25th—Dojo Closed   Black Friday

November 26th—Dojo Closed

November 30th—Brown/Black Belt Class 10—11:30 & 7—8:30

October 1st — Tournament—Lebanon, In

October 4th—Kids Chanbara

October 5th—Brown/Black Belt Class 10-11:30 & 7-8:30

October 10th—Columbus Day

October 11th—Sensei to West Plains, Mo

October 12th—Sensei to West Plains, Mo

October  13th—Sensei to West Plains, Mo

October 17th—National Boss Day

October 18th—Kids Chanbara

October 22nd—Warrior Legacy Tournament—Auburn, In

October 26th—Brown/Black Belt Class 10—11 & 7—8:30

October 31st—Halloween—Wear your costume to karate

September 2nd—PKC Internationals - Wyndham West—Indianapolis

September 3rd—PKC Internationals

September 4th— PKC Internationals

September 5th—Dojo Closed - Labor Day

September 6th—Chanbara

September 10th—Graduation 12:30—2:00

September 14th—Brown/Black Belt Class 10-11:30   &   7-8:30

September 16th—Dojo Closed Sensei Visit with Family in North Carolina

September 17th—Sensei Visit with Family

September 18th—Sensei Visit with Family

September 19th—Sensei Returns From Family Visit

September 20th—Chanbara

September 28th—Brown/Black Belt Class 10—11:30 & 7-8:30 

August 1st—Return From Travel

August 2nd—School Starts

August 2nd—Kids Chanbara

August 5th—Grand Kids Birthday

August 6th—Phil & Judy Wade Memorial Tournament

August 10th—Brown/Black Class 10-11:30 & 7-8:30

August 12th—No Class Scheduled

August 12th—Michigan Mini-Camp Sparta, Mi

August 13th—No Class Scheduled

August 13th—Michigan Mini-Camp

August 13th—Daughter’s Birthday

August 14th—Midwest Mini-Camp Sparta, Mi

August 16th—Kids Chanbara

August 24th—Brown/Black Class 10-11:30 & 7-8:30

June 4th—Kobayashi National Karate Championships

June 7th—Chanbara

June 8th—Brn/Blk Belt 10—11:30 & 7– 8:30

June 12th—Father’s Day-Show some love for Dad

June 17th—Warrior Gasshuku Milwaukee, Wi

June 18th—Camp Milwaukee, Wi

June 19th—Camp Milwaukee, Wi

June 21st—Chanbara

June 22nd—Brn/Blk Belt 10—11:30 & 7—8:30

June 24th—USKK Trias Cup Peoria, Il 

June 25th—USKK Trias Cup Peoria, Il

June 26th—USKK Trias Cup Peoria, Il May 3rd—Kids Chanbara

May 7th—Spring Smash Taylor High School

May 8th—Happy Mother’s Day

May 9th—Graduation 6:00—7:30  Karate & Kobudo

May 11th—Brown/Black Belt 10—11:30 & 7—8:30

May 17th—Okinawans Arrive

May 18th—Okinawans Visit The Dojo

May 19th—Going To The Race Track

May 20th—Camp Starts—Wyndham West—Indianapolis

May 22nd—Camp Ends

May 24th—Okinawans Go Home

May 24th—Kids Chanbara

May 25th—Brown/Black Belt 10-11:30 & 7—8:30

May 28th—30th—GLNKC Chicago, Il

April 1st—April Fool’s Day

April 2nd—Sensei Leaves

April 5th—Kid’s Chanbara

April 15th—Sensei Returns From Okinawa

April 16th—Tournament Indianapolis  - Raymond Park School

April 19th—Kid’s Chanbara

April 20th—Brown/Black Belt 10:00—11:00, 7:00—8:30

April 27th—Brown/Black Belt 10:00—11:00, 7:00—8:30

Mar 1st—Kids Chanbara 6:30—7:30

Mar 5th—PKC Region II 1st Tournament and Banquet

Mar 7th—Graduation 6:00-7:30

Mar 9th—Brown/Black Belt Class  Morning & Evening

Mar 15th—Kids Chanbara 6:30-7:30

Mar 17th—USAMA Nationals New Mexico  4days

Mar 17th—St. Patrick’s Day

Mar 21st—Return From New Mexico

Mar 23rd—Brown/Black Belt Class  Morning & Evening

Mar 25th—Good Friday

Mar 27th—Easter

Mar 29th—Kids Chanbara 6:30-7:30

Planning to leave for Okinawa on April 2nd.

February 2nd—Kids Chanbara 6:30—7:30

February 5th—Region II Group Leaves For Dallas, Tx.

February 7th—Group Returns From Dallas, Tx

February 10th—Brown/Black Belt Class 10-11:30 and  7-8:30

February 13th—Special Seminar—Mr. Franz’ Dojo

February 14th—Valentines Day

February 16th—Kids Chanbara 6:30—7:30

February 20th—Cabin Fever Chicago, Il

February 21st—Cabin Fever Chicago, Il

February 24th—Brown/Black Belt Class 10-11:30 and 7-8:30

Jan 5th—Sensei To Houston, Tx Seminar—Mrs. Sutton

Jan 8th—Sensei Returns

Jan 12th—Kids Chanbara

Jan 13th—Brown/Black Belts 10-11:30 & 7:00-8:30

Jan 15th—Sensei To Grand Rapids, Mi — Seminar

Jan 17th—Sensei Returns

Jan 18th—Graduation 6:00—7:30pm

Jan 23rd—Tournament—Marion, In

Jan 27th—Brown/Black Belts 10-11:30 & 7.00-8:30

December 2nd—Youngest Daughter’s Birthday

December 3rd—Brown/Black Belt Class 10—11 & 7– 8:30

December 6th—Black Belt Testing 1:30pm.

December 7th—Pearl Harbor Day

December 10th—Brown/Black Belt Class 10—11 & 7—8:30

December 13th—Sensei Annual Shopping Trip To Detroit

December 13th—No Karate Class Scheduled

December 16th—Dojo Christmas Party

December 17th—Brown/Black Belt Class 10—11 & 7—8:30

December 20th—Sensei’s Birthday

December 23rd—Deliver Christmas Basket

December 24th—Closed

December 25th—Merry Christmas

December  26th, 27th, & 31st—Dojo Closed

November 1st—Daylight Savings Time Ends

November 2nd—Sensei leaves for Arizona and Cal South Camp

November 3rd—Kids Chanbara

November 6th—No Classes

November 7th—Kobudo Only—No Karate Class

November 11th—Brown/Black Belt Class 10-11:00—7-8:30

November 11th—Veterans Day

November 14th—Tournament Louisville, Ky

November 16th—Graduation 6-7:30

November 17th—Kids Chanbara

November 25th—Brown/Black Belt Class 10-11—7-8:30

November 26th—Happy Thanksgiving

November 27th—Dojo Closed  Black Friday

November 28th—No Classes Scheduled

October 2nd—Sensei returns from Okinawa

October 6th—Sensei To West Plains, Ms

October 6th—Kids Chanbara

October 7th—West Plains

October 8th—West Plains

October 9th—Sensei Returns From West Plains

October 10th—Warrior Legacy Tournament Auburn, In

October 14th—Brown/Black Belt 10—11 & 7—8:30

October 20th—Kids Chanbara

October 28th—Brown/Black Belt 10—11 & 7—8:30

October 31st—Halloween Bash Tournament Zionsville

October 31st—Halloween

September 1st—Kids Chanbara 8:30—7:30

September 3rd—Sensei Dr.’s Appointment  Marion 9:30

September 4th—PKC Internationals Wyndham Hotel  Indy

September 5th—PKC Internationals  Wyndham Hotel  Indy

September 6th—PKC Internationals  Wyndham  Hotel  Indy

September 7th—Labor Day

September 8th—Sensei Dental Appt 11:00

September 9th—Brown/Black Belt Class 10-11/7-8:30

September 12th—Graduation 12:30—2:30

September 15th—Kids Chanbara

September 19th—Muncie Mayhem Tournament—Muncie

September 23rd—Brown/Black Belt Class 10-11/7-8:30

September 24th—Sensei Leaves For Japan.

August 1st—Phil & Judy Wade Memorial Tournament

August 2nd—Pick up Grandson—Detroit

August 5th—Grand Kids Birthday

August 5th—Leave for New Orleans, La

August 5th—School Starts For Kokomo Kids

August 6th—USKA World Championships—New Orleans

August 7th—USKA World Championships—New Orleans

August 8th—USKA World Championships—New Orleans

August 9th—Return from New Orleans

August 11th—Take Grandson to Detroit

August 13th—Daughter’s Birthday

August 14th—Midwest Mini-Camp Sparta, Mi.

August 15th—Midwest Mini-Camp Sparta, Mi.

August 16th—Midwest Mini-Camp  Sparta, Mi.